National People Development: Membership of PIEFA to support and encourage the teaching and learning in Australian schools of information related to the Australian Fishing Industry

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Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA)

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Ben Stockwin

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Communities, Environment, People


1. (a) provide national leadership and coordination of initiatives to encourage Primary Industries education in Schools through a partnership between industry, government and educators;(b) commission, co-ordinate, facilitate and manage national projects to encourage Primary Industries education in Schools;(c) provide a source of credible, objective and educational resources for Schools to maintain and improve community confidence in Australia’s Primary Industries;(d) communicate Primary Industries research and development outcomes in a format accessible for Schools and encourage interest within Schools in Primary Industries related careers; and(e) operate and administer a scholarship fund for the provision of scholarships, bursaries and prizes to encourage and further primary industries education.

2. Develop, promote and extend specific resources for the Australian Fishing industry with a focus upon sustainability, science and innovative practices.