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The FRDC undertakes consumer and community research to gain an understanding of community and consumer views. Community research is used to evaluate how extension and dissemination of research findings impact on perceptions of activity. 

FRDC consumer research

In 2016, FRDC commissioned an initial baseline study to explore and measure consumer experiences with the purchase, preparation and eating of seafood. This research provides valuable insights into consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. As consumer attitudes towards food (all food including seafood) continues to evolve, a need to update this baseline information was identified.

With that in mind, FRDC commissioned a second study of Australian adult consumers. The 2019 research used the same information framework used in the 2016 research but looked to expand areas where clear changes in consumer behaviours had been identified. The 2019 research then collected information about what consumers do, what they like and don’t like, and what information would be useful to help them overcome the challenges they face in buying, cooking and eating seafood.

Community perceptions of the fishing industry in Australia